Everybody Has Something

I recently signed-up (or got active, not sure which) on Quora and following a few months of reading the most amazing answers to questions on subjects I didn’t even know existed by random people and completely enriching my knowledge bank, I realised I had come yet again in contact with another community and opportunity, and rather than give, I was only ‘taking’. This is sadly such an innate non-deliberate act of selfishness, yes selfishness, that most of us live by, and that knowledge I found truly staggering.

Quora is such a beguiling platform because at the point where we complain about having insufficient resources to besources to others, it provides the alternative opportunity to be a non-tangible source of the most important gift of  knowledge. Everybody has something they know and are good at! From life,  industries, fiction, wars, planetary boundaries, religion, parenting, making money, man-made caves, mysterious existence, fashion, lost islands, global warming, you name it, you must have some material! Yes, there would always be somewhat ridiculous questions that people throw around just because they can, but if you have an open perspective to every question and answer (of course you can exercise your right to choose your interests), you would be astounded at what you can learn. A little speck of wisdom here or there, a touch of life’s ironic humour to brighten up your day, a ‘bright-side’ to a bleak situation, a ‘gimmick’ to get through a tough scenario, or the encouragement from a life changing experience (it is amazing the effect of soaring gratitude that comes from knowing that someone else has it worse – yes, it sounds wrong, but it’s true), loads of history, just pick your interests and you would be hit with such a wave of information that it’s almost crippling… the possibilities are truly endless.

Anyways, I went on and put myself out there by answering questions on my subjects of interest, experience and expertise, and in days my answers had thousands of views, and I started getting personal requests to answer specific questions in those areas. (Yes, that’s the way life works, if you seem to do something right, you’d get more work… sad but true). The point though is that there was a need, people had knowledge gaps, and their gaps were awaiting people who could fill them. So in truth, there’s always a problem before there can be a solution, and every problem owner is hoping to come in contact with a solution provider – whether in the answer to a question, the encouragement through a smile, the extension of a hand, the provision of an idea, an act of kindness or a nudge in the right direction. Again, everyone has something, and you’ll never realise how valuable your something is until you put yourself out there and give it.

I did take some time to reflect on what may have happened had I not ever tried to answer a question by putting myself out there and risking being wrong or even being criticised though right, and guess what? I realised that someone else would probably have come along and saved the day! stooped to conquer! In life, vacuums do not typically exist indefinitely, they get filled one way or another with the right or wrong things; while we pass things on to the next person who just might happen to come along and perhaps have more knowledge of the subject matter than we, just so as not to risk our comfort zone and preserve the illusions of political correctness or the hope that people think we are smart without us ever having to personally refute the myth (Yes, that was a mouthful, but a much required one which best defines our self created state of stagnancy.

One of my favourite questions so far on the Life area was “What are you thankful for today, in 10 words or less?” and whilst my answer included things I’m thankful for every single day; “Life, opportunity, reasons to smile, and hope for tomorrow”, I did read through a number of answers by others that ranged from obvious, weird to downright hilarious, but you know what, they all made sense in the simplest most personal ways.

I challenge you to take a minute and answer that same question, and you’ll be astonished by the several feelings ranging from surprise to a deep appreciation for the people and furry creatures in your life, your work, and just a sense of happiness and deep joy that something is working out or getting better… I find that it culminates into the value of life and living.

That question will remain relevant any day you choose to answer it, you can share in the comments session to do its magic in someone elses’ life, but I encourage you to make a daily habit of listing 10 or less daily and I am so certain it would do its magic in you the writer on a cloudy day 6 months down the road!  It’s the circle of life!

Again, follow the blog, go through the “Who We Are” and “What De Do” pages on the site and fill in the Contact form with your details. Suggestions on the first “Passing on Kindness” event are coming in and still welcome, as we look forward to implementing before the end of January.

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